Le Terrorisme pastoral

Le Terrorisme pastoral

Presentation of the book "Pastoral Terrorism"

During 21 years (the choice of 1979 being an arbitrary date), from 1970 – 1991 (the year the Soviet Union collapsed), most of the  prominent charitable associations contributed directly on all continents to the financing of revolutionary associations and groupings allied to local Communist parties. This took place in the context of post-colonial liberation struggles.

These charitable organisations formed powerful networks during the guerilla wars that shook Central America, Brazil, the southern tip of South America, Africa, the Philippines and Timor. The organisations were able to form these networks thanks to the contacts and relationships established by liberation theology clerics.

In my book called The church and subversion published in 1985, I supplied proof of this financing, the networks, as well as their ideological roots. I cast doubt on the CCFD (Catholic Committee against Hunger and for Development), the most important Catholic development aid structure in France. My editor and publication, Figaro Magazine, as well as myself, were hauled before the courts for libel by the French episcopacy, represented by my bishop at the time, Monseigneur Faucher. I won the case. 24 Years later the situation has worsened. I therefore undertook a new investigation called Pastoral terrorism.

The church did eventually fight against liberation theology, but the networks, whose activity decreased after 1991, have been re-activated for the following main reasons :

  1. They infiltrated the political parties and trade unions who came to power during the last three or four years in seven Latin American countries as well as in Brazil.
  2. They profited from the income generated by Venezuelan oil.

Thanks to these reasons the networks I referred to organised local, regional and world actions. The CCFD is the priviliged agent perpetrating this revolution, with a 2008 budget worth 42,1 million euro.

Their mode of operation entails linking themselves financially and ideologically to revolutionary trade unions. They preach an anti-Christian socialist utopia, falsify and abuse Pope John Paul 11's learning about liberation theology, oppose Evangile de la Vie in a clandestine manner and criticize the church hierarchy, especially by means of the current chairman. Furthermore, they participate in spreading  disinformation within and outside the church. The CCFD mainly works with 2 other episcopacy structures called the Commission for Justice and Peace as well as the French Episcopacy's committee for Latin America called CEFAL.

This terrible drift is not only seen in France, but also in Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Belgium and the USA. The networks in these countries form the enormous worldwide network of "the ideological manipulation of religion", according to the very apt phrase of Pope Benedict XV1.

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